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Well, I have an update on my cancer. Fortunately the tumor is all gone as far as they can tell but I still have to have a double mastectomy to reduce my risk of it coming back years down the road. The part I’m disappointed about is that I won’t get reconstructive right away. I have to wait 8 or more months for that and I will probably have to have radiation. I am just disappointed that I will have to wait so long to feel normal after a whole year of misery, plus have another surgery. I know it is better than not getting better at all. I am truly grateful I am getting well and things have turned out better than I expected. I just don’t do good with medical stuff and I think about not getting reconstructive just because it means another surgery. If I don’t I will be left with nothing. I’m very sad.


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Great Friends

I always get excited when I get calls from my friends. Usually we talk about all the new things going on and catch up on family news. It is even more exciting when a visit is in the works. I am excitedly awaiting my long time friend, Joan from Jacksonville, who will be meeting my daughter, Cindy, and I in Tampa for a John Mayer concert next Saturday night. Her son, Bob, plays Sax and is touring with John. Bonus…we get VIP seating. I would never have dreamed I’d get to go to a John Mayer concert, much less VIP seating. Not too bad for the girl with the “c” (cancer) as my friends call it. Who knows we might even get backstage and see the two famous guys up close. I am seriously making a sign that says, “We love you, Bob Reynolds.” John who? It is all about Bob, for us. I remember Bob when he was still in high school and practicing his sax in his room. His mom had it all padded so he could play to his hearts content. We are so proud. It just gives me hope to keep dreaming and working toward living my own dream. Great things do happen to regular people. I am inspired. Maybe I will get some great pics to post after the concert next week.

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Last call for chemo

I have not spent alot of time counting down the days til chemo is over. I just wanted to get through the days that weren’t so great and do something constructive with the good ones I’ve had. I guess I have to give so much credit to my kids who are grown but been my support. They have kept me comforted, laughing and feeling safe. It has helped me a great deal for most things to just keep going on as it always has. The feeling of normalcy is so comforting. I am so proud of everyone of them for continuing to pursue work, school and family responsibilities as well as watch over me. I love that we all live together and I never have to feel or be alone. When I get scared I can always count on them to ease my fears by saying, “just wait and see what they say before you get upset.” I am so grateful for all the calls, cards and financial support from family and friends too especially from those who live so far away. One of my sisters, Laura, has made such a big sacrifice to drive me and be with me at all my chemo treatments and doctor’s appointments. Although she has 6 kids of her own still at home and a busy husband she makes time with me. I don’t know how she does it. My writer friend, Sherry, is the best. She has kept me motivated and writing even when I just didn’t feel like doing “that” article. I know one day we are going to get our big break. Can’t wait for our road trip down 301. Let the adventure begin!

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