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Ok fans, apparently I’m not as addicted to tv as I had previously thought so I’m not going to continue to blog about it. I have had the tv off so much that I can now hear the birds and crickets outside as well as watch my neighbor take his dog out “to do his business” next to my window. An event I usually never notice. Just a note: In the silence I have had some breakthroughs. I have made a school career decision and actually began reading the Writer’s Digest Magazine that I bought last week. (Other issues are laying around unread.) I may have even come to a conclusion of how to change up my writing in order to generate income. Who knows. We will see.
My idea for this blog is to write about what you want to hear. Sure I have lots of ideas and I could ramble on about what I’m interested in from now to eternity but what good is that for you, right? No one wants to spend their valuable time reading something they are not interested in. So….here we go. Comment on this post or email me at writerscafeinparis@yahoo.com and I will get busy writing about all kinds of fun and exciting things you suggest. I have plenty of experience interviewing people so if there is someone locally you’d like to hear about or an event you are interested in knowing about just clue me in. Keep in mind I live in Plant City and don’t really know any celebrities or have the funds to travel the world and bring you news from afar. However if you have connections and/or a budget for such adventures you like to share with me, sure I will be happy to give it a go. Other than that I can give plenty of good parenting and grandparenting tips, college tips (I’m a returning college student), how to break into the writing biz, losing body parts as you age and how to adjust to it, pets or just any subject you think you would like to read about. I have hundreds. I’m excited about this new idea and I hope you are too. I can’t wait to hear from you.


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The TV Experiment

In an effort to better myself I am always trying to find ways to lower my stress, eat better, manage my time more effectively and plan for my future. Many of which I over think and eventually abandon my efforts. I just can’t seem to get myself together on this. Maybe I take too much on at once or my expectations are unrealistic. I don’t know but once again I’d like to take a stab at doing something I think would be worthwhile. I used to be an avid reader and since my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment I find that I have become tv addict instead. A habit I that has not helped my brain power, which I desperately need these days. When I haven’t had energy to do anything else I click the on button and away I go for hours of entertainment. Now that I’m a little better I still have not regained hardly any of my energy so I am still stranded in tv land. I dearly love watching tv, always have, but am feeling like my life is just wasting away in front of a screen. I am always feeling like there is never enough time in the day for all I need to get done and I truly think my energy is continually sucked up by my tv watching. Not all tv watching is bad. It does provide a much needed escape on occasion and certainly allows me to see my good friend’s son, Bob Reynolds, play his saxophone once a week on the Bonnie Hunt Show who makes me laugh til my sides hurt so that can’t be all bad can it. The problem is that I have real difficulty shutting the tv off when there isn’t really anything I have an intent on watching. I want to do a little experiment with myself and I want to record my finding here on this blog for my readers and friends. I hope I will be pleasantly surprised at my results as I attempt to turn off the tv for the next month. I won’t say I will completely keep it off because I have a few things I’d like to keep watching but I will do my best to eliminate needless viewing thus hoping to have a little more control over my time and my life. Okay so tomorrow is my start date. Tonight I watch Monk @ midnight and make a tv watching plan.

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