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I’m going to do it. Yep you heard right. I’m going to build myself a little house. I’m calling it “Project Independence.” It’s part of my plan to get on my feet which includes the ability to support myself completely. I finally got a good job. Pay is low right now but looks promising to increase in the future with other position to choose from. And the great part is it’s at my Grandbaby’s school so when school is out, so am I and I can spend more time with him. It will help his parents out since they work different shifts. I am continuing my education after earning my AA. I decided to return and get an AS degree in Paralegal just in case the pay might be more or something happens with this job. The job market for Paralegal seems to be wide open and up and coming. I won’t rush through the degree since I have limited time and energy while working. I’ve always heard “where there’s a will, there is a way.” I never really believed it til I came up with my own plan and finally see a way to make the tiny house thing work. Sometimes you just have to wait awhile for it all to come together. I am going to forge forward and see what happens. I have no skills in this area to speak of, but luckily I know people who can help out. Unfortunately I’m not talking about my talented sister whose skills are awesome, but is not interested in the least in building a tiny house. Too bad really cause I would have loved the time with her. Anyway, now that I see a way, I must make my plans. #1 purchase a trailer to set my house on. Well, wish me luck! Will keep you updated.


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Note To Self

I don’t know if it’s getting older or the side effects of meds administered to me when I went through cancer treatments, but whatever it is I have trouble remembering. I can walk from one room to the next and forget what I went in there for. I know..happens to alot of people, but when it happens to you you don’t care how many other people its happeneto. It is annoying. It’s most annoying when you have a brilliant idea for a story or there was something really cool you were going to tell your friend and now you can’t remember what is was. It leaves you with that kind of irritated feeling. I was just now trying to remember that great idea I had for a story from yesterday. I should have written it down but didn’t so now I have to resign myself to the fact that is gone..long gone. Oh well, comforting to know that if I’ve had one great idea then there are more to be had. I could do some memory exercises but sounds like alot of work I won’t remember to keep up with. Guess I will just have to carry around a pen (easy enough) and write ideas down on my hand or arm or wherever there is room cause I know for a fact keeping track of a notebook and a pen would be too much to ask of myself. Hopefully I won’t start looking like that guy on “Memento.” Remember that guy? He started tattooing things he wanted to remember all over his body. If I get like that then it is definitely time to do something. The odds are I won’t remember to. There are perks to having memory “glitches.” Maybe I will forget things that I don’t want to remember like that pesky divorce and having lost my favorite shirt and jeans in the last move. As a last resort I could lighten my memory load by jotting down things when I’m starting to feel the ” have to remember this” overload. Studies say that we can only remember 7 things at one time. Perfect! Problem solved. I have memory overload not memory loss. I guess it’s all in how you look at it. Now what were we talking about before this?

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