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Sometimes I feel like I live on a farm. I’m up at 7 to feed all the animals and give some medication. When I say all I mean 3 squirrels – caged of course, 4 fish, and 3 of the 4 cats. I don’t mind really but there are those days I’d love to sleep in, but I’m responsible for hungry babies.

Responsibility is a crazy thing. Some people strive for it with the desire to be married or have children. Others do their best to escape, like my ex who after years of being married didn’t want to be responsible for anyone’s happiness, most of all his own I would guess.

I take responsibility very seriously, always have and sometimes to the point of being overwhelmed.  I’m working on that. I should be the one who wants to escape, but I don’t because I find comfort and joy in it. No I don’t always love responsibility, but without it I would be without many of the things I love about my life, especially my family.

I am right where I want to be, amongst rescue animals and pets who need feeding/played with and housing cleaned, a Grandbaby who fills my empty lap and arms with the greatest love I could have imagined and I his hungry tummy with Nana’s famous raisin and cheese sandwiches, and adult children who share space with me and love in my life.

What more could a girl want?


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Ever come across something that says, “This is for me?”  Sometimes like love, it surprises you and makes life infinitely better. That is how minimalism is for me.

It was only of late that I heard and understood the term “minimalism.”  When I did, I had something I felt connected to. I was not a hoarder by any means, but I have spent a lifetime trying to be a more organized person. It just never really occurred to me that I could bypass organizing and go straight to getting rid of items that no longer served their purpose with me. Why did I think I had to keep them all?

Just like when I lost all my hair from chemo, I found getting rid of stuff liberating. Yes, being a baldie truly was liberating for me. I didn’t hide it, but wore my hairless head proudly wherever I went. That is how I am wearing my minimalism. Proud and uncluttered. I’m not there yet but I’m well on my way.

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Welcome to my new blog. Here you will find all things “minimal.”

If you don’t yet know what Minimalism is, let me give you my simple definition: “Minimalism is the clearing out and getting rid of clutter and excess that keeps one from enjoying and experiencing life in way that is satisfying and fulfilling.”

For everyone minimalism means something different. Maybe you just want to get rid of all that stuff in your garage because it is cluttering up your to do list. Or maybe you want to live with just enough so that at a moment’s notice you could throw everything in your backpack and head out on an adventure. Both are great!

For most people though, minimalism would be a happy medium between the two. I lean toward the latter. (I’m a bit of a Gypsie.) All choices in minimalism are the right choice as long as it frees up your life so you can do what makes you happy.

I look forward to exploring more on this subject with you. Til next time, think about what life would be like without all the extra stuff. What is the first thing you would do if you didn’t have to spend your valuable time taking care of stuff?

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Being the new minimalist that I am, I am not starting a whole new blog with my new subject. I will just continue with this one to keep things simple and begin again with a new mindset and ideas. I hope you will enjoy all you find here and look forward to coming back often.

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