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Ah Oh!

After reading my last post, I realized my punctuation and writing needed some work. I apologize. My writing has not always been up to snuff because of memory loss and mental fog due to breast cancer treatments. Though recovery has been an extreme challenge, I’m grateful I’m improving and still here. On occasion, I may still have my “not so great” writing days, but I will press on and trust that all of you have a great sense of humor and will keep coming back to see what I’m up to next.

I’m revamping my blog to be a more fun place to be as the old me was a bit of a “Debbie Downer” at times and we don’t want that now. “FUN” will be the main focus here and is part of the promise I made to myself while recovering. There’s so much to explore and do in the world that leading a life of quiet desperation, plans of “one day” and following the “normal and responsible” path leaves me cold. Who is to say what is “normal and responsible” anyway? No one has the right to define that for you, but YOU.

I have ALWAYS been a person who was filled with anxiety and fear. I ALWAYS took the safe route in life til I was stopped in my tracks by cancer. Talk about some anxiety and fear? NO amount of bungee jumping, parachuting, or traipsing through the Amazon with deadly snakes under my feet (none of which I would ever dream of doing) could compare. Now I’m more fearless and ready to launch out there into world, a less scary place than cancer, cause I’m a SURVIVOR.

I’m starting with my new project which I will tell you about later. What I can say is it’s going to be FUN, FUN, FUN. I will let you know when it’s posted on Indigogo.com so you can contribute to my new healthy quest in life. Indiegogo is a wonderful fundraising site that helps anyone raise support for their most important causes and ventures.Check it out. You might even have a dream you’d like to fund.

Ok til next time, remember: Milk may do a body good, but laughter will heal it.


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